The opportunity to switch to Bio-gas was the key to the future.

Utilizing natural resources sustainably is becoming increasingly important in today’s society, and using biogas as an energy source has become a timely and hotly debated topic. One individual who has long recognized the potential of biogas is farmer Lars Paulson. Several years ago, he embarked on experiments to create his biogas facility, and today, he is entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy. He can sustainably produce his own biogas by utilizing waste from livestock and crops as raw material.

“I’ve witnessed various shifts over the years in the industry, where environmental
policies, extreme pricing, and material shortages are just some of the factors
shaping our present,” says Lars Paulsen. “This was and remains a way
for me to stay competitive in production.”

The key to a well-functioning facility lies in regular maintenance. The most common
services in a biogas engine are oil or spark plug changes, which can be easily
handled independently. However, Dpower performs more extensive services such as valve adjustments, turbo replacements, or midlife upgrades.

“Having a reliable and knowledgeable service partner is crucial for maintaining the excellent condition of one’s facility. For me, having a partner who can assist with everything from essential maintenance to complete overhauls is particularly valuable. There have been occasions where unexpected events have necessitated rapid repair actions. Thanks to Dpower, I’ve addressed the issues without significant obstacles,” Lars Paulsen concludes.

As a distributor of MAN, we take pride in being specialists and providing original parts tailored to our customers’ needs. We guarantee that our parts have longer durability and are designed explicitly for MAN engines. Additionally, we offer a warranty on our original parts to provide our customers with further reassurance. We have spare parts in stock for emergencies and are prepared to assist at short notice. We also have access to parts not in stock for overnight delivery to us,” says Anders Alvhede, Industrial Sales Engineer at Dpower.

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