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Redefining marine propulsion with advanced turbo diesel technology.

Neander Marine’s Dtorque 50 Turbo Diesel outboard engine is a notable innovation in marine propulsion. This 50 hp engine stands out with its compact design, delivering remarkable torque at lower RPMs. It’s an environmentally conscious choice, offering reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency over traditional gasoline outboards. Built for endurance, the Dtorque 50 is well-suited for both commercial and recreational vessels, assuring robust performance in diverse marine conditions. Neander Marine’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their focus on reliability and responsive support, making their product a trusted choice in the marine industry.

Experience Enhanced Marine Performance with Neander's Dtorque 50 Diesel Outboard

The Dtorque 50 by Neander Marine is a 50 hp twin-cylinder turbo diesel outboard motor known for its efficiency and durability. It stands out for its high torque at low RPMs, making it ideal for heavy-duty marine applications. The engine is designed to be environmentally friendly, offering lower emissions and better fuel efficiency compared to standard gasoline outboards. It is suited for a wide range of commercial and recreational uses, emphasizing reliability and performance in challenging marine environments.


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A new level of service

In the unpredictable realm of the sea, your engine must be unwavering. The Dtorque 50 epitomizes exceptional German engineering to conquer every technical obstacle associated with delivering a compact diesel engine. This finely crafted 50hp diesel engine, meticulously designed to minimize vibrations for effortless tiller handling, stands as the benchmark of reliability among diesel outboards.

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