Safeguard the supply of electricity on board

On many boats and ships, it is crucial that machines and equipment are guaranteed continuous electricity supply. To ensure productivity and safety in all conditions, the generator must of course be of the highest quality and come from a well-known manufacturer. But just as important is that the equipment is properly dimensioned for the job and that it is tested continuously.

Dpower has both the products and the expertise required to secure the electricity supply on boats and vessels.

Solutions for all needs

With reliable and fuel-efficient generator sets from KOHLER and Solé, we can meet the need for power for auxiliary power units, on-board power supply and diesel-electric propulsion.

The product range spans from 5 – 500 kW and all generator sets are delivered complete, tested and ready for easy installation on board.

Modern and versatile marine generators

Discover KOHLER’s marine generator sets – a lineup known for its quiet operation, fuel efficiency, and the most extensive warranties available in the market. KOHLER is dedicated to substantial investments in operational reliability.

Our product range encompasses diesel-powered units ranging from 5 to 500 kW.

KOHLER’s diesel generators meet the latest emission requirements. In addition to its own marine engines, KOHLER also uses John Deere and Scania diesels.

The generator sets are available in sound-proofed design or on a frame, and all come complete with installation and service manuals.

Many options

KOHLER’s gensets can be customized with a number of options, such as:


KOHLER marine generators have received several certifications from the following shipping organizations:

This film explains how Kohler’s generator sets work in parallel.

Compact low-noise generator sets

Solé Diesel delivers reliable marine generator sets at 50 Hz in compact format. The output ranges from 6.6 kVA (6.6 kW) to 112.4 kVA (157 kW).

The generator sets, which are known in the market for their low noise levels and low vibrations, are built on high-quality base motors from Mitsubishi and DEUTZ.

The entire product range meets the latest emission requirements.