Fuel efficient, compact and quiet engines

The MAN High Speed Engines product program spans from 200 – 2,400 hp. All engines have a strong torque throughout the speed register. With a market-leading performance/weight ratio, MAN provides best-in-class top speeds.

MAN’s engines are fuel efficient and quiet. The compact design facilitates installation and service.

The engines are excellent for larger recreational boats and yachts. They are also suitable for fast-moving boats in passenger traffic, the navy, maritime rescue and customs.

MAN i6

Four-stroke marine diesel engines

MAN offers a diverse selection of four-stroke marine diesel engines designed for rigorous marine applications, including engines capable of meeting IMO Tier III emissions standards in the power range of 290 kW for heavy-duty applications to 1213 kW for light-duty use. These engines are available with either 6 or 12 cylinders.

Moreover, Dpower provides MAN engines that are engineered to comply with IMO Tier III regulations, featuring seamless integration with advanced SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) exhaust after-treatment systems.

Regarding inland water stage 5, MAN’s expertise in marine diesel engines and emissions control technology positions them well to meet the stringent requirements of this stage, ensuring environmentally friendly and compliant operation in inland waterways.


Product range

The program ranges from 200 – 2400 hp and is divided into three different operating classes

Heavy duty, 200 – 1 000 hk

Unlimited operating hours per year with up to 100% maximum load for tugboats and other hard-working vessels.

Medium duty, 560 – 1 500 hk

Up to 3000 operating hours per year with a maximum of 50% of the time on full load for ferries, passenger ships and fishing boats.

Light duty, 730 – 2 400 hk

Up to 1,000 operating hours per year with a maximum of 20% of the time on full load for patrol, ambulance and police boats.

ImageModelCylindersHeavy dutyMedium dutyLight dutyInfo
MAN i6MAN D26766 -12,4 L147-382412-478323 – 588More info
MAN V8MAN v8 - D2868V6 -16,2 L441-500588-662735 – 956More info
MAN_i6_pleasure_webbMAN V12 - D2862V12 - 24,2 L551-735749-10661029 – 1397More info

Fuel efficient, compact and quiet engines

Unlock the potential of MAN marine engines – renowned for their reliability and flexibility. With a wide range of options, these engines are the go-to choice for countless marine enthusiasts. Reach out to Dpower for more information.

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