Reduced carbon footprint with powerful diesel outboard from COX

The CXO300 has been certified in accordance with the strict requirements of EPA Tier 3, RCD II and IMO 2, and is approved for both leisure and commercial boats.

“The CXO300 features a very efficient combustion system. It is fuel-efficient and produces significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions than a petrol-powered outboard,” says Peter Nauwerck, CEO of Diesel Power, distributor for COX in Sweden, Germany, the Baltic States, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

The outboard’s service life is expected to be up to three times longer compared to corresponding petrol outboards, and service intervals are also longer – which, from a sustainability point of view, is positive.

With a peak torque of 650 Nm and a top RPM of 4000 rpm, the CXO300 provides outstanding performance and manoeuvrability.

Its low fuel consumption makes the CXO300 the optimal engine for planing boats with many operating hours and long-range requirements. Compared to a petrol outboard, the CXO300 is 25% more fuel efficient and maintenance costs are lower.

“Diesel is more often commercially available and safer to handle than petrol. As for larger boats, it is practical to have only one fuel source on board the mothership,” says Kristofer Hansson, Sales Manager at Diesel Power.

For marine professionals, the CXO300 enhances the working environment by offering longer range and more reliability which reduces downtime.

“The CXO300 engine runs quietly, with minimal noise or vibration”, says CEO Peter Nauwerck.

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