Solé Diesel

Reliable and easy-to-install diesel engines

If you are looking for a reliable and quiet marine engine, take a closer look at Solé Diesel.

Solé Diesel has a complete program of marine diesels from 16 – 272 hp, and uses proven quality engines from Mitsubishi, Deutz and Kubota.

Compact power

The engine design is simple and robust without electronics and timing belt. Vibration and noise levels are low. The low weight and compact design make the engine easy to install and service.

With powerful torque from low revs and excellent driving comfort, Solé Diesel has earned a good reputation among leisure boat owners.

Solé Diesel Product Range

Sole-Diesel-Mini-17Solé Diesel Mini-172 cyl. 635 cc360016More info
Sole-Diesel-Mini-29Solé Diesel Mini-293 cyl. 952 cc360027More info
Sole_Diesel_mini-33-1Solé Diesel Mini-333 cyl. 1318 cc300032More info
Sole-Diesel-Mini-44Solé Diesel Mini-444 cyl. 1758 cc300042More info
Sole-Diesel-mini-55-1Solé Diesel Mini-554 cyl. 1758 cc300054More info
Sole-Diesel-SK-60-1Solé Diesel SK-604 cyl. 2434 cc270060More info
Sole-Diesel-Mini-74Solé Diesel Mini-744 cyl. 3331 cc250065More info
Sole-Diesel-SM-82Solé Diesel SM-824 cyl. 3331 cc250082More info
Sole-Diesel-SM-82Solé Diesel SM-944 cyl. 3331 cc250094More info

Explore the reliability of Solé Diesel marine engines

Experience the reliability and serenity of Solé Diesel marine engines. Offering a comprehensive range of marine diesels, from 16 to 272 hp, these engines are powered by trusted and quality engines from Mitsubishi, Deutz, and Kubota. If you seek a quiet and dependable maritime companion, Solé Diesel has you covered. Contact us to learn more about the exceptional performance these engines bring to your aquatic adventures.

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