We have the engine that matches your boat

With the right engine, you get maximum return on your investment in the boat itself. It’s not just about the boat’s performance, manoeuvrability, operating costs, or comfort and safety. With the right engine, you also minimize the boat’s environmental impact.

Dpower partners with several leading engine manufacturers and offers a complete range of diesel engines for all leisure boats, from light planing boats to larger yachts.

High-powered diesel outboard

Specifically designed for commercial and recreational use, the CXO300 from Cox Powertrain provides the convenience and flexibility of an outboard but the power and efficiency of an inboard. The 300 hp engine is designed for demanding tasks in governmental agencies and maritime rescue, but it is also suitable for larger leisure boats and boats for professional use.

Read more on COX website.

Power and comfort with Hyundai SeasAll

If you are looking for reliable and modern marine engines, take a closer look at Hyundai SeasAll. These marine diesels deliver powerful torque from low revs, are fuel efficient and provide excellent onboard comfort. 

Reliable performance from Solé Diesel

Solé Diesel has almost 100 years on its track record as a leading manufacturer of high-quality marine diesels for both leisure and commercial boats. Today, all engines under 100 hp are based on engines from Japanese Mitsubishi and the larger ones come from German Deutz. 

Quality engines for yachts and larger boats

MAN High-Speed Engines fit perfectly on larger yachts, and John Deere delivers the power and performance required by large recreational boats.

A reliable partner on board

John Deere is a venerable engine manufacturer that has provided boat owners with reliable performance for over 30 years.

The engine lineup ranges from 80 to 750 horsepower, and all engines are easy to install due to the numerous customization options available.