John Deere

John Deere

The engine to trust in all situations

John Deere is one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers. Since 1949, the company has supplied over 5 million diesel engines for marine and off-road applications and has continuously invested in new technology to optimize designs and performance.

A John Deere propulsion engine is extremely reliable and delivers the highest performance even in the harshest conditions.

With high torque from low revs, the boat gets good manoeuvrability, a feature that is well suited for commercial fishing boats and other types of work boats.

In recent years, John Deere has developed several new engines with smaller dimensions and higher performance that are well suited for fast-moving yachts.

A wide program with great freedom of choice

The John Deere engines that Diesel Power offer range from 4.5 liter with 80 hp to 13.5 liter with 750 hp.

The engines come with several options for electrical system, generator size, flywheel housing, cooling type and service point placements.

Practical engine design

When it is time for service and maintenance you will discover how well thought-out the engine design is, making all parts and service points easy to reach.

In recent years, John Deere has developed several new marine engines with smaller dimensions and higher performance. They are very suitable for high speed yachts.

John Deere Product Range

4045DFM70John Deere 4045DFM704 cyl. 4500 cc250080More info
John-Deere-4045-TFMm85-marinJohn Deere 4045TFM504 cyl. 4500 cc2400-2600120-150More info
MAR_GEN_4045AFM85John Deere 4045AFM854 cyl. 4500 cc1500-1800119-148More info
MAR_Aux_4045SFM85John Deere 4045SFM854 cyl. 4500 cc2600 – 2800275-315More info
John-Deere-6068-S-marinJohn Deere 6068AFM856 cyl. 6800 cc2300-2600275More info
6068TFM50John Deere 6068TFM506 cyl. 6800 cc2300-2600154 - 225More info
6068TFM50John Deere 6068TFM756 cyl. 6800 cc2400-2600158 - 201More info
MAR_PROP_6068SFM85John Deere 6068SFM856 cyl. 6800 cc2400 – 2800249 – 400 More info
John-Deere-6090-S-marinJohn Deere 6090AFM856 cyl. 9000 cc2100 – 2400285 – 425More info
MAR_PROP_6090SFM85John Deere 6090SFM856 cyl. 9000 cc2100 – 2500325 – 550More info
MAR_GEN_6135AFM85John Deere 6135AFM856 cyl. 13500 cc1800 – 2100365 – 575More info
MAR_PROP_6135SFM85John Deere 6135SFM856 cyl. 13500 cc1800 – 2200425 – 750More info

Relieable, powerful and flexible

Unlock the potential of John Deere marine engines – renowned for their reliability and flexibility. With a wide range of options, these engines are the go-to choice for countless marine enthusiasts. Reach out to Dpower for more information.

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