Industrial diesel engines from Yanmar

Dpower distributes and offers service of powerful industrial diesel engines from Yanmar, both with turbocharging and without.

Yanmar’s modern four-stroke engines are available in many different power classes featuring water or air cooling.


Yanmar 5-Year Warranty.

Goodbye downtime.
Hello, 5‑Year warranty!

Yanmar has a 5-year warranty on all industrial engines in the TN series manufactured from 2021. Read more about the 5-year warranty here.


Yanmar Product Range

Water-cooled industrial engines

Since 1989, Yanmar has manufactured over 15 million compact low-emission industrial engines within the 3.5 – 155 kW power range for industrial and generator applications.

TNV Intercooled turbo series

33 – 88 kW
EU stage 5 ready

4TN series

105 – 155 kW

TNV Common rail series

37 – 56 kW
EU stage 3B

TNV series

6,0 – 62 kW
EU stage 3A

TNM/MM series

14,1 – 17,0 kW

Air-cooled industrial engines

Since the start of production in 1959, Yanmar has produced more than 1.5 million air-cooled engines in the 2.6 – 155 kW power range. The engines are compact, reliable and easy-starting thanks to the world-leading direct injection technology.

The LN series feature a range of different designs and power classes. If additional exhaust gas purification is needed, both LV and LW have certification according to EPA and EU Stage-V.

L-N/L-V/L-W series

2,6 – 14,7 kW

Clean and compact industrial engines

Yanmar’s powerful industrial engines are among the cleanest on the market. Thanks to the company’s heavy investments in engine technology – and the courage to try out new solutions – Yanmar’s engines meet all current environmental requirements.

The company has been manufacturing quality engines for more than 100 years. Since 1989, Yanmar has delivered more than 15 million 3.5 – 155 kW engines for industrial and generator applications.

Dpower is a distributor of Yanmar’s industrial engines, generator sets, power packs and diesel pumps, as well as spare parts and accessories.

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