MAN increases market share through emission control systems

As marine emission regulations have become more stringent, demand for effective exhaust cleaning has increased significantly. MAN has successfully created efficient gas purification systems in highly compact and flexible formats. This has led to dominance in the recreational yacht market and a growing share in the commercial sector. This year, they also launched a brand new hybrid engine that further challenges the market.

MAN is well-known for its comprehensive offerings covering the entire marine application spectrum, from leisure boats to oil tankers. In the yacht segment, they have long dominated the market, largely due to excellent exhaust purification systems that allow access to marine areas otherwise off-limits. Now, they are also winning ground in commercial applications.

“There are many different requirements from clients today, and we must ensure that we meet specifications, classification requirements, and emission regulations to win bids. Competition is often very tough. What sets MAN apart is their success in delivering on all fronts, especially regarding emission control. One example is the high-speed engines that also meet Inland Waterways Stage V requirements, making them appealing to operators with strict demands across various sectors,” says Peter Thorne at the distributor Dpower Sweden AB.

Smaller emission control system creates opportunities

The advantage of MAN’s emission control solutions is not only their efficiency but also their smaller size and flexibility. Typically, SCR systems are large and cumbersome, but MAN’s systems enable installations in much smaller spaces. At Dpower, they have seen how this has created demand among customers with restricted engine rooms.

“We’ve had customers trying to fit a boat or ship with an engine where the size of the emission control system became a limiting factor. They tried twisting and turning it, but it just didn’t fit. The obvious choice then falls on MAN, as their SCR solution is compact and flexible,” explains Peter Thorne at Dpower.

Longer TBO increases the attractiveness

Another advantage of MAN’s engines is the long intervals between overhauls. A long Time Between Overhaul (TBO) helps keep the cost of engine refurbishments down. This is likely a factor in MAN’s appeal to authorities such as coast guards, sea rescue services, and military vessels, where efficient and reliable engines with long lifespans are crucial.

“We recently completed a major delivery to a shipyard building several Coast Guard boats to be delivered to Southern Europe, and we see continued interest there. It’s a good sign given the meticulous selection process,” says Peter. “At Dpower, we are involved in the entire delivery process with our customers, ensuring installation and performance. This allows us to see the benefits of MAN’s solutions.”

Much-anticipated hybrid launched in 2024 

This year, MAN also released its hybrid engine, the MAN Smart Hybrid, further strengthening their competitiveness in the market. Peter believes that this investment in environmentally friendly technology demonstrates MAN’s commitment to meeting future challenges in the marine sector and their ability to continue delivering innovative solutions at the forefront of the industry.

The hybrid solution is available for all engine platforms, I6, V8, and V12, with a system power ranging from 644 to 2500 hp.

“MAN combines conventional marine and electric motors with generator sets and batteries. This opens many opportunities to utilise hybrid power in both yachts and commercial applications, all from a single supplier, which is a significant advantage,” he explains.

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