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Do you have a warranty case?

We at Diesel Power want to help you as efficiently as possible with your engine. We follow our engine manufacturers’ guidelines for each brand. Läs därför dessa först här.

Then fill in the application to start your warranty process. Please note that you need to fill in the entire form completely in order for us to begin handling your complaint.

It is important that you are aware that unless there is a warranty repair, the applicant agrees to bear all costs related to the assignment that are not covered or approved by the engine manufacturer’s warranty terms.

Warranty registration and warranty terms

Always fill in the complaint form at the bottom of the page.

In order for the guarantee to apply, the following must be met:

– that the warranty registration card is filled in and sent to Diesel Power.
– that service has been performed by an authorized workshop within the correct time interval.
– that the dealer has approved the installation even if the engine was sold directly to the end customer.
– that it is not a handling error.

Warranty terms for our various brands, read more here.

Procedure for warranty and complaint cases

In case of suspected product defects, always contact your installer / dealer.

Register the warranty application

The installer / dealer registers their warranty application by filling in and submitting the complaint form at the bottom of the page.

Return of products

In the event that the product is to be returned to Diesel Power AB for investigation / inspection, the goods must always be marked with Diesel Power AB’s case number. Every return of products in complaint and warranty cases must be preceded by an agreement via email whereby the customer receives a case number from Diesel Power AB. Also enclose always a printed copy of the fully completed complaint form, or a copy of Diesel Power AB’s invoice or delivery note.

Return address:
Diesel Power AB
Kungsparksvägen 21
SE – 434 39 Kungsbacka, Sweden
(Any direct return to another address takes place in consultation with Diesel Power AB)

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