Diesel Power

Fuel-efficient propulsion engines with high torque

The diesels from MAN High Speed Engines have a powerful torque throughout the speed register and market-leading performance / weight ratio. They provide high top speeds and good manoeuvrability for fast-moving boats in, for example, passenger traffic, the navy, sea rescue and customs.

. With compact design, low noise levels and high fuel efficiency, MAN is a favourable choice for the work environment on board and for the operating economy alike.

MAN offers a wide range of four-stroke marine diesel engines adapted for demanding marine applications. Diesel Power has engines from MAN that can handle IMO Tier III in the power range 290 kW heavy duty – 1213 kW light duty. The engines are available with 6 or 12 cylinders.

The program ranges from 200 – 2000 hp and is divided into three different operating classes:

Heavy duty, 200 – 1 000 hk

Unlimited operating hours per year with up to 100% maximum load for tugboats and other hard-working vessels.

Medium duty, 560 – 1 500 hk

Up to 3000 operating hours per year with a maximum of 50% of the time on full load for ferries, passenger ships and fishing boats.

Light duty, 730 – 2 000 hk

Up to 1,000 operating hours per year with a maximum of 20% of the time on full load for patrol, ambulance and police boats.

The commercial engines from MAN meet all the high-performance requirements for work boats and smaller vessels with heavier driving cycles.

Diesel Power has MAN engines that reach IMO Tier III. The engines are fully integrated with their advanced SCR exhaust after-treatment system. Want to know more about which models that reach IMO Tier III? Read more here: the engine range from MAN and various emission stages.

MAN has a complete, perfectly adapted and tested hybrid system – MAN Hybrid Experience System. Read more:

Read more:

MAN i6 commercial diesel engine
MAN D2676

Cyl: 6
Volym: 12,4 liter

Heavy duty: 147-382 kW
Medium duty: 412-478 kW
Light duty: 323 – 588 kW

EPA Tier 3
RCD 2013/53/EC
RCD 94/25/EC

MAN V8 Motor
MAN D2868

Cyl: V8
Volym: 16,2 liter

Heavy duty: 441-500 kW
Medium duty: 588-662 kW
Light duty: 735 – 956 kW

EPA Tier 3
RCD 2013/53/EC
RCD 94/25/EC, 97/68/EC
RCD 2013/53/EC

MAN V12 dieselmotor
MAN D2862

Cyl: V12
Volym: 24,2 liter

Heavy duty: 551-735 kW
Medium duty: 749-1066 kW
Light duty: 1,029 – 1397 kW

EPA Tier 3 (För privat bruk)
RCD 2013/53/EC
RCD 94/25/EC

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