Diesel Power becomes Dpower

As our company has expanded its offerings beyond traditional engines to meet evolving customer demands, we are proud to announce our rebranding as Dpower. This new name closely aligns with the comprehensive scope of our business.

This name change reflects a long-term shift in our business focus, driven by the need to address increasingly complex customer requirements. Dpower has not only broadened its product range but has also established an organisation committed to providing high-level service and expertise.

Peter Nauwerck, CEO

Peter Nauwerck, CEO

“We are thrilled to unveil our new identity, one that mirrors our evolution and expertise. Over time, we have expanded our offerings to include complete drivelines, turnkey solutions, accessories, and comprehensive service and support. We have also broadened our engine range, catering to a wider array of applications,” says CEO and owner Peter Nauwerck.

A wide array of engine alternatives

In addition to conventional engines, Dpower offers comprehensive solutions that include drivelines, along with their components. To align with industry trends, we’ve broadened our portfolio by integrating gas and electric engines, extending our services across diverse businesses and applications. Moreover, we provide combustion solutions compatible with alternative fuels like renewable and synthetic diesel, hydrogen, and various gas alternatives

“While combustion engines remain the most suitable choice for many applications, the engine technology landscape is rapidly evolving. Manufacturers now supply electric and gas-powered engines to a greater extent and we have successfully adopted these technologies and implemented them in our offer. This is naturally a contributing factor to the change in our name,” says Nauwerck.

Power now also refers to the expertise of our employees

Our rebranding is a result of our growth into a mature and efficient organisation. DPower provides cutting edge application support, plug-and-play powerpacks, commissioning, and rigorous functional and environmental testing, often serving as an invaluable extension of our clients’ teams, akin to an outsourced engineering function. Our name, no longer limited to a specific fuel type, better represents these services.

“Our power as a company comes from our staff’s expertise, not just from the engines we deliver. Our continuous growth is built on reliable service delivery, consultation, and expertise. The high level of service provided by our employees is a cornerstone of our company’s success and is the result of our ability to attract and retain top talent over time. This is something we are very proud of, and it has naturally also affected our desire to update our name accordingly,” says Nauwerck. 

Practical information

Effective from December 6, 2023, the company’s name will change to Dpower AB (formerly Diesel Power AB). While the name undergoes modification, the company’s VAT and organisational numbers will remain unchanged.


For inquiries or further information, please contact:

Peter Nauwerck


Tel. 46 (0)31-748 62 03
Mobile: 46 (0)705-68 57 73

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