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Dpower AB works with strong and well-known brands delivering products of the highest quality.

Durable and reliable power solutions. With power ratings from 36 to 677 kW (48 to 908 hp) and emissions levels from Final Tier 4/Stage V to non-certified, John Deere helps OEMs meet power needs in all areas of the world

Industrial Diesel Engines

Marine Diesel Engines


FUNK Transmission, which manufactures heavy-duty transmission products for demanding off-road applications, is part of the John Deere Group.

The product range includes power shift gearboxes, pump drives, shafts, HMD transmissions and planetary gears. All of the same high quality that John Deere products are famous for.

COX is a new and exciting brand with the strongest diesel outboard on the market: the CXO300.

The CXO300 is ideally suited for a wide range of vessels, including planing boats for transportation, governmental agencies, maritime rescue operations, professional duties, and larger leisure boats and yachts.

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The Neander team is driven by innovative engineering and the production of efficient, premium solutions for marine professionals. Today Neander offers a 50 hp diesel outboard, but there is more to come…

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Since 1920, Kohler has developed a complete range of generator sets for industrial and marine applications.

Today, Kohler Marine is the world’s largest manufacturer of marine gensets between 5 – 500 kW for both leisure and commercial boats and has a worldwide network of dealers and service partners.

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Solé Diesel has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality marine diesel for leisure and commercial boats for almost 100 years. Today, all engines under 100 hp are based on engines from Japanese Mitsubishi, and the larger ones come from German Deutz. Solé Diesel manufactures marine generator sets in both open and sound-proofed designs.

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Hyundai SeasAll is a Korean marine engine manufacturer know for its modern engine with very modern performance. The base engines are manufactured by Hyundai Kia Motor company, one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers.

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MAN offers a range of four-stroke diesel engines adapted for demanding commercial and recreational marine propulsion applications in the light, medium and heavy duty operating classes. MAN is the market leader in off-the-shelf propulsion engines meeting the highest emission standards, including EU Inland Waterways Stage V!. In addition, MAN provides a series of reputable marine genset engines adapted for continuous generator sets and auxiliary power in the 100 – 750 kVA power range.

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For more than 30 years, Parker Racor has renewed fuel filtration and water separation technologies for diesel and gasoline. Racor provides OEMs and end customers with complete filtration products of the highest quality.

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Coracon’s cooling water conditioning range is manufactured by Aqua-Concept GmbH in Germany, which specializes in high-quality corrosion protection and water purification products in both industrial and engine technology.

Dpower distributes and offers service of powerful industrial diesel engines from Yanmar, both with turbocharging and without.

Yanmar’s modern four-stroke engines are available in many different power classes featuring water or air cooling.